20 Images that show the before and after People who managed to transform their body losing more than 40 kg

Losing weight often can seem like an uphill climb, especially if a coach tells you to run up a hill, but the rewards can change your life. Hard seasons, busy schedules and daily stress can be used as excuses to postpone the first steps towards losing those extra pounds.

Last year, 45% of Americans registered in a survey that indicated that the purpose for the New Year 2018 was to lose weight. We recognize how difficult it can be to meet these goals, that’s why we like to share success stories.

Here are some more motivating photos before and after these people lose weight, to show you that everything is possible. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “it always seems impossible until it is done”. Do not forget to vote for your favorite transformations!

20 People before and after losing more than 40 kg
1- I have lost more than 80 kg and I have no friends to share it with, so I publish it here

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