5 mistakes you make with eye makeup and look older

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We have not talked about makeup for a long time. Meanwhile, I often meet women who make fairly typical mistakes. And after all, they are so easy to fix, and look much more well-groomed!

1. Do not moisturize the skin

f you forget about moisturizing the skin around the eyes, this will lead to the fact that it will look tired. Therefore, be sure to use a serum or moisturizer before applying makeup. Allow the product to soak, and only after that proceed to decorative cosmetics.

2. Use friable shadows

Usually, skin becomes more prone to dryness with age. In this case, friable shadows are difficult to apply so that they look advantageous. In addition, they will accumulate in the folds of the eyelids and emphasize the wrinkles around the eyes. So try creamy shadows. Choose products with a light silky texture that will be easy and pleasant to apply.

3. Matting skin

If you are used to using powder, then perhaps it’s time to replace it with a milder remedy. The skin of the eyelids is thinner and more tender, it is more often prone to dryness, and most likely does not need additional matting. Instead, you can use a primer to make makeup more permanent.

4. Use eyeliner

With age, the color type often becomes softer, and the liquid eyeliner may be too contrasty. And instead of clear arrows, she can opposite to lie not very accurately and give the skin a flabby appearance. Try replacing eyeliner with a soft pencil. Choose a black color if you have a bright contrasting appearance (dark hair and eyebrows), or try a dark brown or graphite shade if your color type is calmer.

5. Forget to apply mascara

Some women simply drop their eyes with a pencil, but do not apply mascara. Meanwhile, this is the best way to open your eyes and draw attention to your face. But do not overdo it: “spider legs” and lumps do not color either.

What are the secrets of your makeup? How much time do you spend in front of the mirror? Share in the comments!

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