67 DIY Waste Glass Bottle Decoration ! Craft ideas room decor

This video is about 67 DIY Waste Glass Bottle Decoration ! Craft ideas rom decor that talking about how to decorate your home just using waste material around us at cheap cost. You can make you own home, room or wall decor by following this video tutorial :


Dollhouse DIY Wall Shelf Cardboard | Best Out Of Waste Idea | Home Decorating Ideas

Actually it is a simple wall shelf with dollhouse style, but so cool and unique to decor your room. You can follow this video tutorial how to make wall shelf from cardboard cheap and fast. A very good way for home decorating expecially for wall hanging.

DIY Wall Shelf Cardboard | Handmade Tutorials Step by Step

Wall Shelves DIY Cardboard | Home Decorating Ideas | Cheap Decor Unique!! Tutorial making triangle DIY wall shelves made of best out of waste cardboard boxes step by step for your room decoration and showing any of your ornament interior design.

3 Cool Diy Home Decor Wall Art Using Cardboard | Cheap Room Decorating Ideas

Watch this video DIY home decorating ideas wall art using cardboard with unique shape and color. It is a cheap craft idea for your room decoration. Best out of waste using material around you such hardpaper, cardboard etc. You can follow this affordable handmade diy project at home because you can do it just a few minutes for each project. There is a kind of diy wall hanging decor with cardboard for bedroom, living room, dining room, nursery or kitchen. You can combine this wall art using wood material with rustic or farmhouse style. Wall decor with flower is beautiful for your room, also colorful butterfly as accent. Cardboard craft is a very cheap diy project you can do at home. It is not only about the cost, but also easy to make, because it doesn’t need high skill. By turning waste cardboard into useful things for your home, then you save a lot of money and you are happy.


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