8 Things You Should Never Lend, Even To Your Nearest And Dearest

You can always be a good friend and ease things for your pal in need but remember not to put your life at risk by lending the things you are not supposed to lend. We all own some personal things and as the name suggests only you should use them, for they contain a huge amount of bacteria that grows on your skin and can be harmful to others. Below are some of the most dangerous things you shouldn’t lend to others

Lipstick and Lip Gloss

You friend might have left her makeup set at your home and would not mind if you use it. But should you do that? Never, the reason being the diseases like herpes can be transmitted easily by sharing lipstick or lip gloss. The virus gets mixed with the mouth’s mucous membrane and saliva and can affect you badly.

The Headphones

Every individual has a unique bacterial flora balance in earwax and when you share your headphones with your friend this balance gets disrupted. You are sure to provoke an ear infection by sharing headphones.

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