Actors of the Wizarding World Part Two: The new Fantastic Beasts family

This week, we’re looking at the new strand of the Wizarding World family, the cast of Fantastic Beasts. From Eddie Redmayne to Ezra Miller, to Zoë Kravitz to Johnny Depp, here are the stories of the next generation of the Wizarding World.


Eddie Redmayne

Nearly 15 years after the search for an unknown British actor to play Harry Potter, producer David Heyman had another famous wizard to cast – Newt Scamander. But this time there would be no great search, and the actor wouldn’t be totally unknown. ‘From the outset, Eddie Redmayne was our first and only choice,’ Heyman once wrote in the Telegraph. ‘He has all the elements required to be Newt: he’s smart, funny, utterly British, and immensely sympathetic – even as an outsider more comfortable with his beasts than with people.’

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