Can I learn the exercises on the video course?

exercises on the video course

Thanks to online courses, we now have the opportunity to learn exercises at home, without contacting a trainer or visiting a gym. How realistic is it to master new movements in video? How can this be useful and what is dangerous?

As the creator of several video courses on qigong practices, thanks to which our students learn new – quite complex, subtle, unusual – exercises, I can say with confidence that it is possible to master physical disciplines through video. This gives quite tangible results. But there are certain pitfalls in mastering video exercises. What to look for when choosing one or another online course?


Why do people, despite the huge variety of video courses, continue to go to real trainers? Very simple: looking at how a real person performs exercises, and getting a correction, it’s easier to master the exercises. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to go to real lessons with real trainers, this approach is always preferable.

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In our brains there are mirror neurons that allow us to directly adopt the movement of another person and repeat it as accurately as possible at the moment. Live they work one hundred percent, on the video there are nuances. When choosing a video product, give preference to the one taken from different angles – so that you see the movement in 3D. As a rule, such a survey is accompanied by a rather detailed explanation of each movement, which also improves the quality of online learning.


In the video, you can see in detail how a person performs the exercise. However, the type of movement itself is not always transmitted by all coaches. What do I mean by type of movement?

At one of our online courses, we teach students a new type of movement – relaxation movement. This is a type of movement that is completely unfamiliar to many, and it is important to master it for success in practice. In order to convey it, we developed a video exercise that, with the help of activation of mirror neurons, teaches a person to move in relaxation – turning off large muscles and using deep autochthonous muscles.

This approach to training requires a huge investment of time, effort and resources, but also increases the speed of training and reduces the risks of injuries in the process of mastering the exercises to almost zero. Therefore, I confidently declare: online you can transfer not only the movement pattern itself, but also the system of its implementation.



Seeing the movement, we do not always reproduce it accurately (otherwise there would be much more Olympic champions in all sports disciplines). In some cases, people can hardly appreciate the accuracy of their movement from the inside: how correctly is it obtained?

To continue to do this, I suggest a simple and fun enough trick. When the inner voice tells you something like “Does it work for me?”, Answer him: “Yes, it turns out!” Because you already maintain your health and fitness, and this is a lot – it means that you are on the right track. Further details!

To assess how well you are doing the exercise, it’s important not only to look in the mirror or record yourself on the video, but to rely on internal feelings. In any well-structured course, you will be given a list of “right” and “wrong” sensations, based on which you can evaluate the quality of the exercise. For example, in qigong practices, the list of “right” sensations includes:

  • feeling of relaxation;
  • decrease in the intensity of familiar pain;
  • pleasant sensations, as during or after the massage.

Among the “wrong”:

  • any pain;
  • feeling of stretching;
  • tension, muscle contraction.

In each exercise, this list is refined and detailed. So it will be easier for you to understand what exactly you are doing right and what is not. For example, if there is a feeling of tension, this is a signal that the qigong exercise is performed with excess amplitude – it should be reduced.

Such observations and recommendations from online trainers, among other things, characterize their experience: the longer, better and better a person teaches, the more clearly he understands and explains the mechanics of correct and incorrect exercises.


Any online course is usually equipped with the option of online counseling. You master the exercises, ask questions, get answers and motivation from a real instructor who answers you online. As our practice has shown, such communication is one of the most important success factors for any gymnastics. Therefore, we literally force our online students to share their impressions of the practice, ask questions and answer ours, do their homework.

Choose courses where such accompaniment is encouraged: without it, any mastery of exercises quickly fades away – our brain does not like to learn new things, and it needs to be constantly motivated. For the same reason, after completing the course, you should have the opportunity to engage in more advanced groups: continue training, participate in online marathons or develop practice in the framework of real-life seminars. Such support, being in the field of practice, allows you to create real miracles of healing, rejuvenation and any other useful work on the body.

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