Skin Care: 6 Mistakes We All Make

We analyze the obvious and not so mistakes in skin care and tell how to fix them.

Washing too often

The habit of cleansing the skin to squeak and using a facial cleanser more than twice a day will not eliminate  rashes and acne , but will only make it worse. Aggressive cleansing provokes even greater production of sebum, and this can lead to clogging of pores, the appearance of comedones and black spots.

If the skin does not have pronounced problems, you can use the cleanser only in the evening, and in the morning rinse your face with cool water. For oily and combination skin, this will not be enough, therefore, it is better to wash with the product twice a day.

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Stretch the skin around the eyes

In facial wrinkles there is nothing unnatural, but if you constantly stretch the delicate skin around the eyes, then they will appear ahead of time.

To remove makeup from the eyes, you do not need to intensively rub the skin. It is enough for 30 seconds to attach a cotton pad soaked in a cleanser to the eyelid and remove it with a light sweeping movement. And to apply the cream, type it on the pads of the ring fingers and with soft patting movements distribute the product along the contour of the eyes. The main thing is to do everything without rush and sudden movements.

We do not use products for our skin type

Each skin type has its own needs, so it is important to choose exactly the products that take them into account. For example, dry skin needs additional nutrition, and prone to  rashes  – means with salicylic acid.

Pay attention to the texture of the care product: it should also meet the characteristics of the skin. Foaming agents are suitable for oily and normal, and creamy – for sensitive.

Putting too much

The “better less” principle works great when it comes to leaving. For example, to moisturize the skin of the face, you need a very small portion of the cream  – the size of a pea. You will be surprised, but the same amount is enough for the skin of the hands and heels. Masks and cleansers are needed with grapes, and eye cream – with a picture.

Do not wash off your makeup before going to bed

Yes, this happens even with the best of us, but this does not mean that such a practice is the norm. Makeup can block the production of sebum, so if you sweat at night or the sebaceous glands secrete more secret during sleep than during the day, unwashed makeup will clog pores.

Falling face into a pillow without washing off the shade or mascara is also not worth it. Particles of funds can get into the eyes, cause irritation, provoke conjunctivitis and dermatitis of the eyelid. If you are very tired and there is absolutely no strength for proper care, use at least wet wipes to remove makeup.

Apply care products just before bedtime

To make night remedies work as efficiently as possible, apply them at least an hour before bedtime. Otherwise, your money and efforts will remain on the pillowcase and in your hair .

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