Training for introverts and extroverts: how to choose your own

In order for sport to bring joy, it is important to determine not only the type of activity, but also a comfortable training format. We tell you how to choose what is right for you.

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The psychiatrist Carl Jung introduced two types of personality into psychology – introverts and extroverts. The former are meditators, seek solitude and are self-centered. The second – mobile, involved, interested in the world of people and things.

Each of us can discover the qualities inherent in one of the types or two at once. Depending on how we feel (which can change throughout life), we build relationships, choose a profession, a hobby, and a suitable sport. We tell how to adapt any activity to the characteristics of your character or periodic changing mood.


Extroverts are suitable for pair dances, such as bachata and salsa. In such classes, couples change every 2-3 minutes, and endless communication with new people is obtained.

Additional option: go to special parties in the cafe or on the promenades, where you can dance all night.

Introverts pair dance classes are suitable only if the partner is the same. Alternatives are contemporary and ballet. These dance styles primarily involve working with yourself, with your body and music.

Group training

The extrovert will be delighted with the cheerful trainers and the environment of twenty people with whom you can exchange glances, discuss the complexity of the exercises and then go to breakfast together.

The introvert is suitable for classes in mini groups of 4-6 people. The best option is to gather your friends. They don’t need to explain that you want to study in silence and you are just glad that they are nearby.

Fitness tours

Extroverts are better off choosing a program with different types of activity and in a busy place where you can take part in local competitions and go to parties.

Introverts focused on themselves will prefer calmer options – small cities, accommodation in mini-hotels with a closed territory in the forest or in the mountains. So it will be easier to immerse yourself – nothing distracts, you can concentrate on internal processes, restore energy resources.

Team sports

Ideal activity for an extrovert – several people united by one goal, work together, build strategies, act as one. If this format is close to you, then choose frisbee, volleyball, football and basketball.

Introverts also need communication, but not in the same amount as extroverts. A team of 2-4 people will do. Choices are pair tennis, squash, table tennis, beach volleyball.


The extrovert will choose large running communities that train regularly several times a week and together participate in mass races in big cities.

The introvert is suitable for morning runs in the park or in the forest – so the chances of meeting another runner are minimized and you can be alone with yourself. If you want to participate in competitions, then the best choice is chamber races in small cities or cross-country running (trail running): fewer runners always participate than on highway races.


As in the case of running, an extrovert needs a team – it’s easier to get up early in the morning for training, when like-minded people are waiting for you on the track in the pool.

An introvert swimming on the same track with 6 people will be uncomfortable. The best choice is a personal trainer or early hours when there are few people in the pool.

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